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Who needs tree services Willmar MN? To survive here in Minnesota you need to be a hearty individual, able to get things done and hack it in the real world. Because of that a lot of people think they should try to accomplish their own tree work. How hard could it be? All I need to do is buy a chainsaw from my local Menards and start cutting! But a quick Google search of proper following techniques may leave you overwhelmed. OK, so I have my chainsaw and a little bit of knowledge on how to use it. I got the tree safely on the ground, but now what? So you start whittling away, cutting out each branch and dragging it off, by the time you’re done, your whole weekend is burned up and you are left exhausted! There has to be a better way you think yourself, and that’s when we come in! Everyone can benefit from professional and educated tree service, people from handy, do it yourself homeowners, knowledgeable farmers, and people who have lived in apartments their whole life who just bought their first house with a tree on the property.

When you reach out to us for tree services Willmar MN you are getting not only high quality and professional tree service, you are getting our fleet of high-end equipment, large vehicles, and strong backs. Contacting us about your tree pruning, tree removal, land, clearing, or stump training can be the first step towards a beautiful yard or productive land, all without you having to break your back or risk your health. When you contact Big Bark Tree Tamin, not only are you getting friendly local people who answer the phone, you are also getting one of the highest rated tree companies in the area who perform tree removals, tree pruning, land clearing, and stump grinding. Any one of those services could be a large job on your own, but for us, it is just another day in the park! We take pride in our services, and always strive to leave you as happy as possible, and guarantee, we will never leave your property until you are 100% satisfied.

When you contact us for tree services Willmar MN you are getting a local tree service run by a family who cares deeply about you, your trees, and overall Minnesota Nice! We are based out of Maynard Minnesota, a small town just north of Granite Falls. We service about a 50 mile radius from our base, but mostly find our way towards Willmar, Raymond, Clara City, and the Willmar Lakes area. Because we service the areas that we live in and we are familiar with the streets, tree species, and best pruning practices. We love where we work, and spend our weekends and off time exploring this beautiful area. Oftentimes you can find us on the lake, enjoying a hot weekend floating in the water or on a canoe trip paddling our way down the Minnesota river.

When you contact Big Bark Tree Taming for tree services Willmar MN you will be responded to the same day. We always try to answer our phone before it goes to voicemail but as you can imagine, chainsaws can be noisy! We will reach out to you as soon as we possibly can and get you on the books for an estimate. All of our estimates are free! After the initial estimate, you will receive a quote within 24 hours, but it is normally that very same night. We will call you after you receive the quote to go over it with you and answer any questions that you may have about the quote. That same day we try to get you on the schedule to accomplish your tree projects, that way, nothing is left too long and your timeframe can keep moving along as your plan. We have the right equipment and crew to keep our schedule and leadtimes fairly close, that way, you are not booking services months down the road when something might change with your tree.

Please contact us at Big Bark Tree Taming today for all of your tree service Willmar MN needs, including tree, pruning, removal, land, clearing, and stump canning. We also offer many other small tree related services, so please reach out and ask if you have any questions! We appreciate you contacting big bird treatment because we believe we are not only one of the best tree service providers in the area, but also one of the most friendly and personable you will find. We pride ourselves I’m not only doing a great job on your project, but we never leave a job until you’re 100% satisfied! We also offer free stump removal with any tree removal projects you have us complete, that way you are not left with a stamp that you either have to pay for to grind out or more around for years to come. It always is amazing for stump grinding customers after completing a stump that they have been mowing around for 15 years they always say they wish they had promised about earlier! That is why we decided to offer the free stump grinding with any tree removal, that way in 15 years down the road, you can be satisfied with your decision to go with big bird tree taming as your local tree service provider, we hope that every time you mow over where the tree used to be do you think about us and remember fondly the Great job impromptu service that we provided for you!

The easiest way to contact us at Big Bark Tree Taming is either with a call or text message. You can also reach out by email as we respond to those fairly quickly as well, but again the best way is with our direct line 320-321-3677. We even answer our phones after hours in case of emergencies. If you find yourself with a tree emergency or need of an after hrs tree service Willmar MN and need to get a hold of us, just keep calling and his phone to wake us up so that we can come out and help get you and your emergency taken care of as soon as possible! For anything else you need to contact McMurtry Taming Fourth our cell phone is the best way, and oftentimes a text message works best, that way we can respond to you while still being 60 feet off the ground dangling from ropes or swinging around a bucket truck.