I would 100 percent recommend them! Our neighbor was the one that called Jacob to come and get a bid! He was there bright and early taking pictures and accessing damage.

So many of us had damage in the area and Jacob offered to help however he could! He said even if we weren’t hiring him to have the brush down at the road he would come and get it to chip it up! He said he would do whatever he could to help get this area cleaned up! They came Friday (the storm happened Wednesday) with their their equipment and loaded our entire neighborhood! Making multiple trips! Pretty amazing to experience this!

His customer service is so amazing! I would recommend him 100 percent! I already said this but in this day and age – this doesn’t happen what he did for our neighborhood was amazing!

Thank you so much for your help!

We (5 house holds) along 189th can’t thank you enough for the tremendous help you gave us in cleaning up 189th. We will be calling you in the near future to pay you for your service in removing a tree or two along the shoreline. We highly recommend Big Bark Tree Taming.


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