Service Areas

Big Bark Tree Taming is located in Maynard Minnesota. Where is Maynard you ask? Maynard is a tiny little town with a population under 400 people south of Clare city or north of Granite Falls on Highway 23. Why on earth would you start a tree trimming company in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the prairie? Basing out of Maynard makes us in the middle of multiple larger service areas, letting our reach extend to more people who need our services. Well, who needs tree services in southern Minnesota? Isn’t it all just corn? You would sure think so but as the settlers came over, they brought with them trees for windbreaks and lumber production. All around us in towns, we find monstrous black walnuts, ash, and Eems still left from the first time people came to this area. We are also surrounded by many of Minnesota’s lakes and waterways. Large oaks love the lighter, sandy soils that surround the glacier lakes areas, and cottonwoods the sizes of school buses pull water and nutrients from many of the creeks and drainage fields out in the country. As you look around it is amazing the trees we find! Not far from our service area is the state’s largest tree with a trunk measuring around 34 feet at chest height. You wouldn’t think you’d find such a monster here in the middle of nowhere, but there she stands, a testament to time. The oak savannas and native prairies go hand-in-hand, with the oaks bringing in wildlife that love using native prairies as their resting grounds. The demand for services has grown rapidly in Maynard, making it necessary to expand, making us the best tree services Willmar MN has to offer.

Another reason we decided to start our business here in the middle of nowhere is the people. The people of the small towns are some of the nicest people you can meet and make the best customers a company could wish for. A firm handshake, and a look into their eyes is almost all you would need before starting on their project. The level of trust you get from small town citizens is next to none. That is why we enjoy being the premiere tree services Willmar MN has to offer.

We have taken the time to specially curate our fleet of equipment to the area we live. We hunted far and wide for a bucket truck with four-wheel-drive. Everyone who lives in Minnesota knows four-wheel-drive is a necessity in a harsh winter environment, so why like many others would we find a bucket truck that is only 2 wheel drive? The four-wheel-drive on your bucket truck allows us to access your yard and tree projects in the depths of winter as ice buildup and storms come. Tree Work cannot be a seasonal job. Our skid loader is equipped with wide flotation tracks that let us access snow covered yards, while minimizing any turf damage during the summer months. Of course, the skid loader has an enclosed cab, letting our operator work happily in the depths of winter while sitting in air conditioned comfort in the silly, hot summers that we get here. What a weird place to live, where we have both extremes of weather here in southern Minnesota. We can also be susceptible to large thunderstorms, rolling across the Prairie. Our equipment allows us to safely manage blow downs that can be especially dangerous to a chainsaw operator or homeowner. Our bucket truck has a material handler on the boom, allowing us to lift up to 2000 pounds from the end of the bucket. This capability lets us lift broken limbs off of houses or pick logs up from inconvenient and inaccessible areas. This is one of many reasons why Big Bark Tree Taming is among the best tree services Willmar MN has to offer.

Along with our equipment being suited for this area, our training is also particular to the trees and situations we find here. All trees require a different level of care and pruning, while also needing different methods to access the canopies and explore branches. For example, oak wilt is prevalent in our area, affecting red oaks, and now harming the white oaks as well. It is important to know when oak wilt is being transmitted in prune oaks only in the window that is safe for them to be pruned in. It is not just a number in a book but a calculation of degree days, which are days above a certain temperature which would allow the fungal pathogens to grow and multiply. As well as oaks the ash trees in our area are starting to be affected by emerald ash borer, and we are training to spot early signs of it and learning the proper pruning and removal techniques to slow down the spread. Since we live where we work, we are always looking up in the canopies for problems and cases of Emerald Ash Borer, reporting them to the state and trying to help mitigate the spread. This proactive approach is one of many reasons that make Big Bark Tree Taming the best tree services Willmar MN has to offer.

Another reason we started in this area is because it is where we want to live. As we look out our back door, it truly is God‘s country, as the wind blows through the grasses and russells in the trees leaves. We are constantly reminded how lucky we are to live here. Crime is low and people are happy, making us feel safe in town and out about. Everyone is looking out for each other and are always willing to pull you out of the ditch if you need. If you are looking for the best tree services Willmar MN has to offer, check out Big Bark Tree Taming.

If you ever need help with your tree projects, or have an emergency tree at your house, always know that we are close by, this is one of the reasons why Bi Bark Tree Taming is the best tree service Willmar MN has to offer. Minnesota nice flows through our veins and we always want to help our neighbors making sure that they and their families are safe and well cared for. Why look for tree service that only does Tree Work? We not only do tree work but also love living here in this beautiful area of southern Minnesota! Everything we do is around here from our evenings spent swimming in the river to the weekends up in the lakes area underneath the oaks. We look forward to meeting you and adding you into our family of Minnesota Nice customers! We are certain that we provide the best tree service in this area and guarantee that we will not leave your property until you are happy with the services provided! We look forward to proving why we are among the best tree services Willmar MN has to offer.