Tree Services Wilmar MN Photo Oct 27 2023, 10 41 02 AM​Here at Big Bark Tree Taming we offer four main services to accommodate our customers. We structure them in a specific order, starting with pruning, then tree removal, land clearing, and followed with stump grinding. The way we lay out our services show the thought process of our jobs when we come up to meet with you. We always like to prune a tree before following with more drastic measures. Oftentimes even large and unruly trees can be pruned to make them safe and aesthetically pleasing before we need to do the next step, tree removal. If we decide that the tree needs to be removed and no pruning will accomplish the goals that you need we follow our way down the work order. If we can get by removing one tree, all the better, but if we need, we will switch to the next step, land clearing. Land clearing is often used when building new structures or homes where large amounts of trees need to be removed to complete your project safely. After any tree is removed, we like to follow with the stump grinding. That follows up our thought process and why we structure our services in that order. We want to provide the best Tree Services Willmar MN has to offer!

Tree Services Wilmar MN Photo Sep 16 2022, 2 15 15 PMWhy would you need to prune a tree? Trees have been around long before we have and have never been touched in the past, so why is it that now we need to work on them. Well, to make trees coexist with us and our lifestyles they often need to be brought into proper shapes and sizes. Letting trees grow uncontrolled out in the woods is one thing, but when they’re in your yard, near your house and near where your kids play, it is important to maintain their health and structural integrity. Oftentimes if we catch a structural issue while the tree is small, we can save the tree with proper pruning, letting it grow to its full potential without becoming a danger or hazardous tree in your yard. Pruned improperly trees can often push out water spouts, or epicormic growth, which, while unsightly, can also be hazardous to the trees and make dangerous branch unions prone to failure. That is why we follow pruning techniques that have been developed by the international society of arboriculture. The ISA puts out continuing education courses to help tree trimmers maintain proper tree form and structure while staying current on up-to-date sciences and technologies. It is important for all Tree Services Willmar MN to maintain this training. One example is how close you cut a branch to the main union or trunk and what you do after it has been cut. After cutting a branch, there should not be a long stub, but you also do not want to flush cut the branch, cutting through what is called the branch color. If proper depth of cut is achieved, the branch collar will heal over the wound faster, causing less stress on the tree and not allowing water spouts from that wound. One of the ways we are able to make proper cuts is by having proper equipment. All of our saws are meticulously maintained and sharpened. A dull saw, can often rip and tear the bark and cambium layer of a branch that you are trying to prune, causing further damage down the road, also a saw that is under powered saw may not be able to sever the branch, fast enough while making a cut, causing a peel down the branch unit or trunk. We utilize a large bucket truck, while performing canopy reductions to allow us to reach the very tips of the branches canopy. Reductions should be performed by taking the longest leader out of a certain branch, keeping the tree in its proper natural form without removing too much material. We also have skilled tree climbers who can perform various tasks tied on the ropes in the tree. The tree climbers allow us to get two trees in your backyard or over sensitive areas like manicured turf or septic drain fields without driving a large truck onto those areas. Our tree climbers only use the best equipment available, allowing them to work efficiently productively, while maintaining a high level of safety.

Tree Services Wilmar MN Photo Nov 16 2023, 10 20 28 AMAnd if we decide that pruning will not reach your desired goal, removal is the next step in the process. Removing a tree could be a hard decision to make, especially if the tree has sentimental value, childhood memories, or was planted in memory of a loved one. Trees can be unruly, growing where they can, straining towards the light, which often means they have grown large limbs over top of your house threatening to drop in a windstorm. Oftentimes they have developed rot, whether from the type of wood, bad past pruning, or even animals, insects or disease. A dead or rotten tree in your yard can be a dangerous thing. Branches may drop or the trunk may split during a storm. We walk through the removal process with you and decide the proper equipment to use on a case by case basis. Oftentimes our large bucket truck is the tool for the job, reaching a height of 60 feet the truck is able to conquer most of the trees in our area. The problem with the truck is, it is large, often leading towards turf damage, or just an inability to get where it needs to be. If that is the case we will utilize an all-terrain lift, which has turf tires and outriggers, letting it be lightweight while also stable in the air. While that is a great option, sometimes we still need to call in the climber to get the job done.. A tree climber while doing a removal wears spurs on his feet, allowing him to stay closely tied into the trunk. A tree climber can access trees taller than a bucket truck or a lift can while being able to walk through tight, backyards or steep slopes, where the same equipment would tip or fail. Putting the tree on the ground is only one step of the removal process for Tree Services Willmar MN. Almost half of the entire job is just the removal of brush and wood and raking of the final yard. That is where our collection of high end equipment comes in making the job quick and efficient. Our large skid loader can move even the most hefty logs, while a smaller John Deere tractor fitted with a grapple can maneuver around tight yards without causing any turf damage. Depending on the situation, sometimes we will chip the limbs, but often limbs and wood are packed into a dump trailer and hauled off site. We try to give any removed tree a second chance at life, bringing them to people we have met who use them for firewood, or some even go to a local sawmill to be turned into beautiful boards and lumber for future use.

Land clearing is the extreme version of tree removal, but can have many meanings as well. Sometimes land clearing involves a dozer and excavator, pushing and scraping at the grove of mangled trees, trying to scratch out a suitable homesite. Other times land clearing a precise dance, moving a forestry mulcher through desirable trees, grinding away at invasive species, choking out your beautiful, oak savannas, or native prairie lands. A consultation from a Tree Service Willmar MN is necessary to decide what the best course of action is for your land clearing project. If you have a well-established grove that is being choked with buckthorn, you don’t want to come in with heavy equipment and destroy the root system of your desired trees, just to remove the buckthorn. The forestry mulcher walks upon rubber tracks, putting down almost no ground pressure on bringing the heavy horsepower needed to grind such a mess. Other times around here, especially the groves, have been planted by original homesteaders and are in a state of severe decline with many trees broken and fallen over, leaving a tangled mess of wood and rot. If that is the case, it is often more cost-effective to bring in heavier equipment to remove everything into a burn pile and start fresh with a new grove of beautiful trees. Still involved in land clearing may be digging out stumps if you want to dig or build a foundation where we have cleared the land, grinding stumps may not be the best option and digging them out with a large excavator, so they do not impede in the builders way may be the best course of action. Even if you think the dozer is the only option, it is still worthwhile to take a good walk through your property. Sometimes we have found desirable trees that you may want to save, and it’s worth trying to preserve them either for future use, or for use as commercial lumber products. Every once in a while, we will find a ginormous, black walnut, red cedar, or stand of pine trees that can be saved, so you enjoy in the future or brought to the sawmill. and

Stump grinding is usually the last step of any tree project from a Tree Services Willmar MN. There are home remedies for removing stumps, like drilling holes in them, burning them, or letting them rot, but that may take years before the stump is fully gone, and some people end up looking at them for years to come. It is usually more cost efficient than customers think to grind the stump out leaving them a nice backyard. We have two different machines that we use for stump grinding depending on the situation. Our large skid loader has an attachment that can grind even the biggest stumps. Just last year we ground a stump so big that the entire skid loader could fit on top of the stump without touching any of the grass around it! The other option we have is a stump grinder on the back of our small John Deere garden tractor. It takes longer to use, but the tractor allows us to get into tighter areas without causing any turf damage. Depending on what you need we can always find a solution for your stump grinding.

While this is just a small list of our main four services we offer other various smaller services that are not often utilized. We can cable or brace your trees if they are splitting and they are a sentimental tree. Cabling a tree is a costly investment, but saving a mature tree is almost always worth the cost. It takes years for a beautiful oak to grow in your backyard and if we can preserve it for a few more years to come, it is at least worth the consideration.

If you have any other tree projects that we have not listed here, please reach out to talk to us. We can always find a solution for your tree needs and we do everything trailer related. All our estimates are free, and you can even request a free tree risk assessment. If you are unsure what the next step is with your tree, or even if you just wanna talk about trees, feel free to give us a call or text. We live and breathe trees and love having good conversations surrounding trees from your local Tree Services Willmar MN